Plastictecnic (M) Sdn.Bhd and Bangi Plastic Sdn.Bhd is engaged in the manufacture of Consumer Packaging Plastics, Industrial Pails, Plastic Injection for Automotive and OEM, Electrical & Electronic and Custom Mould for Plastic Parts.

We will endeavor:

1) To protect, maintain and continually improve the environmental through the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System implementation.
2) To comply with the applicable environmental regulations and legislations (compliance obligations).
3) To prevent pollution through effective waste management and to reduce, re-use and recycle where such alternatives are
  economically feasible.
4) To minimize the impact on the environmental by ensuring proper chemical control and handling.
5) To ensure customer specified products are complied to RoHS or customer specified hazardous substance control related manual.
6) To provide the necessary environmental management training to employees and other personnel who are able to fulfill environmental
  commitments as define in the environmental policy.