Tool Fabrication

The major strength of our company is derived from the ability to rely and to tap upon the strengths of our subsidiary companies with one of them being Sun Tong Seng Mould Tech.  With over 100 highly skilled tooling engineers and designers equipped with high tech methods and design equipments (CAE/CAD/CAM) coupled with state-of-the-art high speed CNC and EDM machines which are operated by highly skilled and trained technicians and engineering teams – Our company is able to achieve perfection (Quality Assurance) in product design, mould design and mould fabrication. Apart from mould fabrication services, we also offer a total solution service, producing Master Models, Inspection Jigs, Mould Trial Supervision as well as QC Evaluation This combination of high value processes assures customer satisfaction by producing almost error free designs and fabrication, hence reducing production time and cost of doing business.

Tool fabricating machines